Clarity drives decisions

Why they buy.

Ted Levitt wrote: “people don’t want a quarter inch drill; they want a quarter inch hole.” Give it to them.

How do you shop? What do you want? Do marketers give it to you?

It’s not what we do or even how.  It’s why we do it.

People are funny. But put an itch under their skin, a wallet in their pocket, and a reward in front of them, and they’re positively fascinating. Why? Ask them. They’ll tell you what got them to reach for their wallets.

What kind of marketing company is Blue Bolt?

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It’s Not Your Daddy’s Marketing Company.


Mid size Fremont Bank said their customers loved the bank’s “friendliness.”

Customers didn’t use the word, “friendliness.” They said bankers were “accommodating” and “flexible.” They saw a deeper relationship with the bank than “friendliness.”

Drop me a line at (fred@blueboltmarketing.com), and I’ll tell you how we learned what banking customers really wanted.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Blue Wave Car Wash launched in Houston.  They put stores on errand routes – food, gas, cleaning.  My team and I used direct mail and targeted surrounding neighborhoods.  We sent a try-and-buy offer and supported it with outdoor, market cart ads, and point of sale. Within six months operating stores had a 50% share of their market areas.

What’s your offer?  In Houston, we gave them free washes and dared them to refuse it.  You can always give people more value than a cheaper price.


Blue Bolt specializes in strategy – positioning, difference, value, and messaging. After I analyze a situation, I build a team and do what it takes to achieve your objectives. Look, marketing’s a big tent. The trick is not to offer everything, or even to do one thing really well. It’s fitting it all together so that your messages build on one another.

Let’s talk about how everything will work together. Drop me a line at fred@blueboltmarketing.com.

Fred Barson has run two integrated marketing agencies, driving the success of many financial services, high technology, and manufacture-to-retail brands.


He started the Napa Valley ad/pr agency, Barson/Armstrong, which put Crystal Geyser on the map and revived both the Charles Krug and Weibel Vineyards wine brands. At the same time, the agency was retained to develop integrated marketing for community banks, retailers, and high tech pioneers.

Fred left the agency to freelance Silicon Valley web, gaming, and video projects for the likes of Novell, 3Com, Unisys, Sun Microsystems, and Mass Mutual Life Insurance. During the dot com boom, he was invited to join the Silicon Valley start-up, Financial Engines. But, after only a short time, an unexpected opportunity took him back to agency work. The well-known, integrated marketing firm, Triad Communications, was undergoing a change of ownership and asked him to provide business and creative leadership for its financial and high tech clients.

Fred started Blue Bolt Marketing in 2006 with the intention of providing first class brand and marketing to small and mid-market organizations. He works with a diverse group of clients, and operates virtually, building teams of senior practitioners dedicated to specific projects.

A graduate of Santa Clara and San Francisco State universities, Fred has a doctorate in American literature from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is also an award winning actor and poet.


For more information, sign up for , visit my blog, or drop me a line (fred@blueboltmarketing.com).