A brand is an indelible experience. Like meeting your wife or husband? your high school prom? the day you were appointed CEO, Major General? names to the U.S. National team? Not even close. A brand is what you remember about a purchase.  You buy something, and it works; or it really works.  You go back and look for it: the pen you bought a month ago, the waiter you miss in your favorite restaurant, an appliance with a clear manual. It’s not a name, a logo, a package, a tagline, a memorable ad campaign, a TV spokesperson.  Yes, these can all be memorable.  But they’re not yours.  They’re someone else’s.  And that doesn’t count.  What counts is you, the buyer, you remember it, you value it, and you’re willing to look for it in a lot of places until you find it. What’s that all about?