Hi, I’m Fred Barson

I’m a consultant on marketing strategy and branding issues. I work mainly with small to medium sized businesses, startups, and often, the business units of larger companies.

My work is to listen. I’m interested in your goals, and how I might help you meet them. My expertise is in communications: how you say in words or images what you want to say to whom you want it said. Anything more is up to production people: data analysts, web developers, designers, film-makers, etc. (and having run three agencies, I know some good ones.)

Usually, we start with a conversation about your objectives and which types of work you’re thinking you’ll need. Then, I’ll sketch out a plan, and if you’re in agreement I’ll find someone (or someones) who do only what you’ll need and is very good at it. I can hire and direct a team if you’d like or leave you with ideas and phone numbers.

Take a look at “Not Your Daddy’s Marketing Company.” (the link is below). There are some case histories to give you a sense of the issues my teams work with. Also, take a look at our Blog. It gives you an idea of how I think on current issues and practices.