Not Your Daddy’s Marketing Company

Daddy didn’t work here.

Daddy was an order taker. Blue Bolt’s a pathfinder.

We help companies see where they are and where they can go. Usually we’re asked to do one of three kinds of work: launch a new product or service, revive an existing brand, or solve a communications problem.

“Fred is a great marketing strategist.” Milt Reeder

Accent Capital Partners

Look, you make something or deliver a service.

Your work – whatever it is – is to earn a reward for your management, products, and services. You know it takes more than a great team, more than a great strategy, a pervasive presence. You know you’re up against some very smart, very dedicated, well-funded competition.

But you may not know how fast they are to market, or how their buyers compare another’s products and services to yours, or if they clearly understand your advantages.

We’ll provide you with insights on those questions, but the basic fact is you’ve got to understand the landscape: people buy people. You may be pitching to multitudes, but buyers buy one at a time. So, our first job is to listen, and our second is to create ways to inform your prospects that whatever you do creates extraordinary value.

“He is a master when it comes to the analysis of complex matters. . . .”

Ron Murphy

CFO & Partner, Scent Sciences

"People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole."

Theodore Levitt put it very simply: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

In other words, shopping doesn’t solve a problem. It reveals solutions. Consumers may think they need a new car, or a psychologist, a better vacuum cleaner, but as they listen or read, they ask is this the solution to my issue?

And secondly, these people are shoppers. They’ve heard and learned a lot already. They only want to know how we can help them. So, we want to learn so much about them they’ll think we’ve overheard them singing to themselves in the shower.

“He really listens. He really strives to understand people and what motivates and excites them.”

Patti Wipfler

Founder and Executive Director, Hand in Hand

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Blue Bolt Marketing analyzes and solves pervasive communication issues (and as needed builds integrated marketing and branding teams to implement solutions). Our success is based on accurate targeting, simple messaging, and flexibility.


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