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An Internet based video news service wanted subscriptions.

It hosted 214,000 visitors a month but less than a handful were subscribers. Part of the problem was sloppy navigation. Visitors were encouraged to “register” (and almost three-quarters did), but not to “subscribe.” (The subscription page was hard to find, and when found, did not offer increasing value for increasing levels of subscription).

Our solution was very simple: put subscribe buttons in many visible locations and repackage subscriptions so they offered increasing value at increasing levels of purchase.

You can guess what happened: registrations went down, and subscriptions went through the roof.

A high tech, car wash asked us to launch their operation in Houston.

Research warned commercial washes were not popular with vehicle owners.

To modify that resistance, we offered a quick wash at a great price, within blocks of where prospects lived. We anchored the campaign with an eye-catching logo, strategically located outdoor boards, and local grocery cart placards. Then we blanketed neighborhoods with a direct mail offer of three free washes by means of a try-and-buy reward card.

In less than a year, our client’s network of stores owned over half the Houston car wash market.

The board of a 41-branch regional bank had run out of ideas.

We introduced the need for a brand strategy to galvanize their communications. Then, we asked bankers and customers what customers sought from the bank.

Bankers said customers wanted “friendliness.” But when we asked customers what they got, they replied “flexibility” and “accommodation.” Customers really didn’t want “friendliness.” They wanted to be heard.

We advised the bank to align its services to what their customers really treasured and to enhance the customer experience in a variety of ways. Then we put our ideas into three, advertising campaigns and a brand book.

Sometimes it’s what people don’t say that matters most. 

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